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PAVED pays homage to the classic multiplayer tile laying board game Carcassonne, but onchain and with its own twists.

In this game, players have the choice to play both Solo and Multiplayer modes. Whilst solo mode is a slower, more thoughtful and methodical game, multiplayer mode offers a fast-paced and intense experience.

Both modes involve players strategically paving tiles to construct various map features. Players must place characters on their tiles to influence the allegiance of the developing features and secure points, which they accumulate over the course of a game.

Tile sets are comprised of uniquely styled pieces, encompassing over 37 distinct types. This extensive variety results in an expansive range of possibilities, ensuring a genuinely distinctive building experience every time.

Solo Mode

Solo mode involves scoring as many points as possible using a finite, shuffled deck of 72 tiles. There is no time limit. Players compete for honour and success hinges on high-level strategic thinking.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer mode also involves scoring as many points as possible. However, this time players do not only construct map features, but have the opportunity to challenge other players features, and must defend their own. Tiles are randomly drawn from a shuffled deck of 99 tiles, and games are time based (predetermined by the game’s host). Once the deck is exhausted, it is reset and randomised, then play continues. Beyond individual strategy, success hinges on shrewd tactics and decisiveness.